Rob Karleskint

Rob Karleskint

Santa Ana, CA

I have been taking photos as long as I can remember.  I have always had that “Artist’s Eye” but didn’t have the technical skills of an illustrator or a painter like my grandfather.  However, seeing his amazing paintings throughout the houses of my parents and other relatives fueled my desire to want to put my creative visions on other people’s walls just as he did.

As a full time counselor at a non-profit school for high school drop outs, I have the amazing opportunity and blessing to document the student’s emotional journey from behind the lens of my camera.  I  shoot over 1,000 images a week during most of the class cycle and have had opportunities to meet and photograph not only the amazing students in our program but also inspirational visitors and guest speakers.  I also have the opportunity to go places I would never been able to have visited otherwise.

For the past 10 years I have been selling photographs at the school and 100% of that income has always gone back into the program that I am blessed to be apart of.  Over the years I have been asked about my personal prints and whether or not they are available for purchase.  Outside of the occasional wedding shoot/gift, I didn’t feel like I had the extra time to take on the task of making my own prints available to others.

Over the past year I have spent a great deal of time and effort learning how to face mount my prints onto acrylic.  It’s been a long and time consuming process but when the right picture and materials are used, the end product is amazing!

It is at this point I have started to focus more on my personal work.  Seeing the shots that once lived only on my hard drive  hang on a wall behind acrylic gives me a new motivation.  I have been inspired to go out and take more photographs on my own time with a new perspective and focus on a different end result.

This website is a work in progress.  I am not a web designer but because it involves an artistic vision as well as my personal prints, I stubbornly refuse to allow someone else to create a site for me.  I may change my mind later but for now this is a challenge I am enjoying.

If you decide that any image on this site might be something you would like to hang on one of your walls, I would be honored to provide you with that image.  All images are for sale and will be shipped to your home ready to hang.  If you you do not care for the frameless acrylic look you can purchase a loose print to frame to your liking.  If you just want to check back now and then and see the world through my lens that of course is free.