The opportunity to exhibit at Photo Independent was a fantastic experience, for both my professional and personal photography career. Having my own booth was a great way to curate my own body of work, and also have the space to show it all together. The intimacy of the fair allowed me to interact with photography curators, professionals, artists and viewers in a personal setting that created lasting contacts and connections. I would definitely exhibit at Photo Independent again and strongly recommend it to other photographers looking to get their work shown!

Jessie ChaneyExhibitor

I love Photo Independent! I believe artists should develop their own lists of contacts and collectors to empower themselves so they can become less reliant on dealers and galleries for their livelihoods.

Elisabeth SundayExhibitor

I was delighted to participate in the first Photo Independent Art Fair. I think it is a terrific idea and a great opportunity for photographers to have the exposure and visibility necessary to present their work to new audiences. I highly recommend it and hope you do it again!

Nancy MackoExhibitor

I was extremely impressed with the overall organization of the show and how helpful all the staff and volunteers were. You made it a pleasure.

Christopher KennedyExhibitor

Photo Independent was the opportunity for me to enter the professional world of photography collectors, gallerists, curators and other serious photographers who value the art of photography and are willing to pay for it. With the help of Phil Tarley and Fabrik Magazine, I created a brand –  Zen of the Land – that will follow me through future events and exhibitions.

Felice WillatExhibitor

The show presented a wonderful cross section of current photographic art, in both content and execution. All the exhibitors were top notch. The work brilliant.

Bob FrancisExhibitor

Photo Independent was a very good first experience for us in the U.S. market. The fair provided us with opportunities for meeting art professionals in a beautifully organized environment. Hoping to be back again next year!

Fares JammalExhibitor