Photo Independent After Hours Party

Sexy Exhibition Presented by Artists Corner Gallery

Saturday, April 30, 2016
Hours – 7-10p.m

AfterHoursParty-Main-ImageSEXY is Voluptuous, Trending, Elegant and Perverse. SEXY is Hot. Hedonic. Nasty and Nice. SEXY is Very sex positive. And while the Getty breaks down barriers with Robert Mapplethorpe’s Sexy exhibition, we want to break down some barriers, too. — Phil Tarley

PHOTOGRAPHERS EXHIBITING: Boris Bezroukov, Mark Stout, Bobbi Bennett, Franz Szony, Phil Tarley, Stephanie Vovas, Karen Bystedt, Anthony Newman, Mitchell Rose, Kathy Curtis Cahill, Mei Xian Qui, Dani Olivier, Brooke Mason, Jerry Weber, Brad Branson, Bobby E. Brown, Asher Kelman, Mike Spitz, Robert Presser, Jaimie Milner, Bojana Novakovic, Sol Hill, Jan Burns, David Covarrubias, Daryl Henderson, Eric Stampfli, Dijon Hierlehy, Michael Grecco, and Bravo Valenti.

Artists Corner Gallery
6585 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles