Artist-GalleristSo you’ve always wanted to show your artwork in a gallery. But how does that work?

Daniel Miller, owner of Duncan Miller Gallery, has developed a no-nonsense seminar for artists on how to develop their careers so that a gallery will want to represent them.

“Artists constantly ask me for tips on how to advance their careers,” says Miller. “I can’t guarantee this information will get you gallery representation, but these fundamentals will at least save you time, help you understand the process, and point you in the right direction.”

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  • Quick primer with tips on selling your own work in an art fair
  • Understand the Business of Selling Artwork
  • Tips on Developing Yourself and Being Ready
  • How to Present Your Work
  • The Best Ways to Interact with Galleries.

Updated to include…

  • Why artists shouldn’t drink the wine at gallery events
  • The latest from Facebook
  • Does Instagram sell valuable art or devalue your art?
  • What does sell online, and what does not and why
  • Are you currently represented, but feel under-represented by a gallery?
  • How many galleries can represent you at the same time?
  • Should you forget about galleries and just sell online?
  • Harness the power of the collectors you didn’t know were around you
  • Why you need to attend gallery events, and what to look for in a gallery
  • Museums actually need your work (if it’s good work)
  • What it actually costs to launch an artist’s career
  • A few unusual ways to support the system that you want to support you
  • Why you really want to be very ready for a portfolio review with a gallery director
  • Why you should make some of your editions in 3 or less
    …and much more!

This seminar is 2 hours and includes plenty of time for discussion, questions and answers.

Friday, May 1, 2015
12:00pm – 2:00pm
Price: $35

Reserve your space now, seating is limited.

Testimonials from Previous Attendees:

“For photographers just starting out or about to break into the big time, this lecture offers soup-to-nuts, comprehensive insights into the world of galleries and marketing. In an increasingly competitive atmosphere, photographers need to understand the principles Daniel Miller discusses. I highly recommend this lecture.” – Michael M.

“The seminar was exactly what I was looking for. It covered all relevant topics for approaching galleries, as well as valuable insight into whether that’s the direction I would like to go with my career (marketing strategy, availability and exposure of my work in general, etc). Daniel was very knowledgeable and the content was great.” – Brent D.

“This seminar was extremely useful, both to a seasoned fine art professional, and to a new photographer wanting to know how to begin a career! Things have changed in the gallery world and the world at large and I learned new ways to go about promoting myself as a Fine Art Photographer, and especially about how to do the hard work needed before approaching a gallery for representation. This is what a lot of photographers don’t think about. Most of success is about what the artist does, and less about what the gallery does. The gallery helps the photographer to help themselves, and this seminar showed us how!” – E.K. W.

“Fantastic seminar. The smart ideas and direction presented by Daniel sparked new ideas for my own work outlets.” – Amber P.

“Thank you for offering the seminar. I thought it was fantastic in whole and provided great insight for getting ready for galleries. I look forward to more in the future!” – David Z.

“Great information, well organized and presented. It seems like an incredible uphill battle to achieve gallery representation, but I think it’s better to hear the realistic version that was provided instead of some overly positive unrealistic version.” – Gary C.


Daniel Miller, owner and director of Duncan Miller Gallery, created the successful program Collector’s Favorites for the Photo Arts Council at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). He received an official proclamation from the City of Los Angeles for developing The Los Angeles Collection photography exhibition that was shown in L.A. and Seoul, Korea. The gallery’s public photography project, American Icons, sponsored by Chevrolet, had the highest daily attendance for any photography show in Los Angeles history. Miller created as a service for photography collectors worldwide. He regularly consults beginning and established collectors – including celebrities, investors, philanthropists and dignitaries (recently including several Ambassadors, and the Princess of Spain).