Christopher Sheils - More Time

Christopher Sheils

West Brunswick, Australia

The images are of recent work. Each image is composed of complex layering reflecting the individuals place in a society increasingly sophisticated and specialised. The layers represent multiple realities and exploit the brains inability to visually perceive multiple realities simultaneously as evidenced by the Necker Cube Illusion. The first series, “Time is an Illusion”, consists of competing realities which when viewed is an impossibility but when each reality is focused on becomes perceptible to the exclusion of the competing reality. In the images from “More Time” (the working title) the images are far more complex with wild swirling detail representing the individuals smallness in the face of the increasing complexity of life and the reliance on employing others who are becoming increasingly specialised in their fields. The whole becomes a distorted perceptible impossibility with facets of detail perceptible of smaller and more intricate possibilities.