American Aperture Award (AX3) Winners to Exhibit at Photo Independent

The 2013 American Aperture Awards (AX3) is a global photography competition hosted by the creators of FABRIK magazine and Photo Independent. AX3 is a celebration of artists possessing an uncommon vision and was developed to recognize excellence and to honor advances in contemporary photography. Their goal is to celebrate the most iconic photos taken by new and emerging talent, as well as professionals from around the world and award their photographic insights. The annual competition is open to photographers of all backgrounds and from all regions of the globe.

This year, AX3 received over 1,100 entries from skilled photographers in 63 countries around the world. The expert panel of judges was tasked with the nearly impossible mission of narrowing down these entries to just four major winners and 51 winners in each additional category ranging from student abstract to mobile fashion and professional documentary.  The top four grand prize winners were photographers, Catherine Nelson from Australia, Mattia Passarini from Italy, Kelsey Walsh from Australia, and Nettie Edwards from the UK.

We are thrilled to announce that the winning images from this year’s competition will be displayed for the first time at Photo Independent.  The exhibition includes the work of this year’s 46 winners reflecting the global landscape of photography today. Below is a sampling of work that will be exhibited.

For more information about the American Aperture Awards and for the complete list of winners, please visit:

Raleigh Studios, Hollywood

Raleigh Studios Chosen for Photo Independent’s Debut!

Photo Independent is thrilled to announce its partnership with Raleigh Studios, Hollywood as the confirmed venue for the first annual Fair.

With an abundance of venues to choose from in Los Angeles, Raleigh Studios surpassed competitors for its location (with its proximity to Paramount Studios), its world renowned, innovative space, and its rich history in Hollywood. Originally founded by Adolph Zukor as the Famous Players Fiction Studio in 1912, the Hollywood flagship and worldwide headquarters is the oldest independent studio in continuous operation in the country.

Among many things, it was this independent history/spirit that convinced us to select Raleigh Studios as the venue for Photo Independent. It has seen many changes over the years, but remains an independent entity with strong ties to the entertainment and art industry.

The studio passed through a number of hands and operated under several different names during its colorful history. Some of the industry’s most influential leaders have called the lot home, including Douglas Fairbanks, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Walt Disney, Bette Davis, and Jim Henson and the Henson Companies.

Raleigh Studios has played a central role in creating and supporting the modern entertainment industry and playing host to infamous events and large-scale productions. With seven locations throughout the world and managing over 2.5 million square feet of studio and production support space, Raleigh Studios is the largest independent studio operator in the country and an ideal venue for Photo Independent.

With an estimated visitor count in the thousands, Photo Independent will make use of Raleigh Studios’ massive layout including its several private screening rooms, which will host our lecture, panel, and discussion series. We are eager to transform Raleigh Studios into modern exhibition spaces and interactive galleries.

Although Raleigh Studios has seen many changes over the years, one thing has remained constant, its commitment to assisting leaders in visual arts and playing host to Hollywood’s most promising visual talent.

For directions and parking information, please visit our Visitors page.

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