Ash, 2015

Milah Renee


Born in Kagawa in 1967.

Milah was born in Detroit,MI the motion city.  She would spend most her childhood between Los Angles and Michigan due to her parents’ divorce at a young age.

Her love of photography began in Los Angeles where she resides.

She began her fashion career as a wardrobe stylist and then soon transitioned into photography.

Her father (Keeth Wallace r.i.p.) was a photographer which states the obvious, it runs in her blood.

While building her photography career, she continues to test her skill by shooting everyday and creating new projects throughout the year.

Her energy has also made her a favorite with musicians such as Leon Bridges,

Myron & E, Brittni Jesse and more.

Milah has an amazing ability to put people at ease in person and within her work.