City of LA – Made in Mexico

Jonathan Winfrey Photography

Los Angeles

Receiving an instamatic camera on my eighth birthday, I immediately recognized my potential as a visual storyteller. An insatiable curiosity and imagination deposited me in Hollywood at the age of twenty-four. My visual strengths and a sense of urgency for the human condition shaped me into an action film director. Distant locations, while cutting my teeth for Roger Corman as a novice director, provided opportune time to wander the streets and photograph local people and their cultures.

Influenced by Bernard and Hilla Becher’s photography and their documental and analytical qualities pertaining to the disappearance of German industrial architecture, I found myself beginning to photograph manhole covers.  In 2007 these circles of metal, the gateways to what lies beneath – the unseen – synchronized my intent to discover the infinite connected to the unconscious.  The minimalist and conceptual art methods I use when photographing manhole covers emphasizes the typology of a given city.