Ron Barbagallo

Burbank, CA

Throughout the 70s and well into the 80s, Ron Barbagallo made Fine Art with his twin sister Lori, who passed in 1988. At that time, Ron worked as a photorealist painter while Lori explored photography in the area of Abstract Expressionist Found Object. As twins who lived and worked together, Ron consulted on all her imagery which focused on finding “art” in the streets of NJ and NYC.

In 2012, Barbagallo decided to continue their dialog and founded ‘the Found in Los Angeles project’ where he extends that search to the sidewalks of Los Feliz, to the facades of West Hollywood, around the redefining elements of Downtown LA, onto the sun-soaked boardwalk of Venice and right into the swimming pools found in Hollywood Hills. Using all these facets of the city, Barbagallo by way of his photography creates “emotional-landscapes” which evoke the diverse spiral that is LA.