Colors of Cuba, 2013

Colors of Cuba, 2013

Eric Politzer Photography

Los Angeles, CA

Eric Politzer is a Los Angeles-based editorial portrait photographer. His work has appeared in a number of compilation photography books, in addition to receiving media coverage ranging from the San Francisco Chronicle to the New York Times, from Reuters to Le Figaro and Der Spiegel.

Eric has made 12 trips to Cuba where he has worked on two major documentary projects. The first, “Las Transformistas of Havana,” is a behind the scenes look at the lives of the gay female impersonator and male to female transgender performers in Havana’s cabarets. A book on this work will be released in June and a exhibit for the project is slated for the fall in Havana.

The second, “The Legends of Cuban Baseball,” celebrates the heroes of Cuban baseball who chose not to leave the country to pursue careers in the Major Leagues. This project is the first time a foreign photographer has been granted complete access to Cuba’s players and coaches, as well as stadiums and training facilities.