Black Bird Fly,  2008

Black Bird Fly, 2008

Elena Lyakir

Brooklyn, NY

Born 1975, Ukraine
Lyakir is preoccupied with emotional ramifications of diaspora and attempts to reveal its intricacies through her work metaphorically. She is interested in creating art that is intimate, visceral and emotive. Using elements of nature as her subject, she pushes the photographic medium to suggest drawings and painterly abstractions.
Seeking political asylum, Lyakir immigrated to the U.S. with her family in 1990. She came to New York to study photography in 1993. However, Lyakir’s experiences of discrimination and oppressive authority in communist Ukraine eventually motivated her to continue pursuing her art on her own through research, collaborations and experimentation in the dark room.
Lyakir’s work is internationally exhibited and is included in many private and corporate collections. She has won awards for her image titled Black Bird Fly. Her work was recently published in “ART UNLIMITED”, Artist’s Portfolio Magazine and Feature Shoot.