Folium XIX (2014)

Folium XIX (2014)

Dylan Coombe


Award Winning Australian Photographer Dylan Coombe is currently exploring both ephemeral and enduring elements in nature both in their relationship to each other and individually.

Utilising perceived strengths of a broad range of photographic equipment in both analogue and digital formats, Dylan will often combine or re-engineer cameras or equipment for alternate purposes, constantly experimenting, pushing boundaries, breaking rules and developing new techniques to produce unique and expansive bodies of work.

Dylan works with a vast range of cameras, mediums and techniques which include Medium Format Digital, Digital Gigapixel Panoramas, Large Format Film, Darkroom Printing and Joiners to name a few.

At Photo Independent 2015, Dylan is pleased to be presenting photographs from his series, Folium.

Folium explores the intricacies and complexities hidden within leaves found in nature. Each leaf is selected due to unique and elaborate formations caused during interactions with the changing environment. The leaf is photographed in ultra high resolution resulting in unique large scale images containing near infinite levels of detail.