Hello, Bunny!, 2012

Hello, Bunny!, 2012

Doug Ness

Missoula, MT

Doug Ness is an international award-winning artist living in Missoula, Montana. Through his work, he explores art in the ordinary, bringing attention to beauty in common, overlooked objects, typically in urban settings.

Before discovering his passion for photography, Doug spent 15 years as an institutional bond salesman in New York City and Chicago. After being laid off in the midst of the financial crises of 2008, he decided to pursue more creative and artistic interests. Doug found that photography merged his love of travel with creative expression perfectly.

A native of Omaha, Doug graduated from Indiana University, and received an MBA from the University of Chicago. He’s been teaching photography since 2010

In addition to his numerous awards, Doug has shown his work in both solo and group exhibitions around the country. His art can be found in private collections around the US. He is represented by the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and by Schneider Gallery in Chicago.