Virginia State Fair #5

Virginia State Fair #5

David Skernick

Woodland Hills, CA

David was born a New Year’s baby in 1956, in the heartland of the United States (Cleveland Ohio) to Ruth and Abraham Skernick.

David started taking pictures of the only interesting things in his hometown: people and landscapes. He eventually narrowed his work to landscapes because nature didn’t ask so many questions.

David’s current photography reflects his formative experience making that long drive from Ohio to California. On that trip David developed an appreciation of the sometimes overlooked magnificence that is American nature, landscapes and culture. Since then David travels exclusively by his truck “AlsoBob” on the “grey roads” (back roads on the AAA maps are all marked by grey lines), and never the same road twice.

David resides in Woodland Hills, California with his wife Ria and dog Chewy. He spends as much time as possible teaching and traveling the grey roads of America.