2014 Honorary Guest, Andy Summers

Rain © Andy Summers

Rain © Andy Summers

Photo Independent proudly announces artist, Andy Summers as the honorary guest and special exhibition Mysterious Barricades, for it’s inaugural debut this April 25-27, 2014.

Mysterious Barricades, 2014

Andy Summers has been a visual artist for as long as he has been playing the guitar. First taking his camera on the road with The Police, his photographic practice grew into a continuously evolving body of work. From the beginning, he has been drawn to the mysterious and ambiguous; from capturing the alienation and absurdity of life on the road, to exploring the far off worlds encountered on his tours and travels, always seeking the entry point at the edge of perception and understanding.

Mysterious Barricades explores the surreal and landscape of the unfamiliar, challenging the barriers of that which is unknowable in the unknown. It is a story of the odd, exotic, and remarkable moment, transformed by the blind vision of the other into artistic expression.

In Andy Summers visual interpretation, obscure changing environments and cultures comes into focus, captured as raw moments, immediate feelings, and a seeing into the elusive essence of the other world. His works seek out the dialectic of nearness and distance, both clear and diffuse, in the deep night blacks of cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, London and Rome.

In Mysterious Barricades, Andy Summers breaks through the barricades of the unfamiliar, to see in a way that only the stranger can see, free from context and conditioning, sharing a blind vision with the observer. This photographic collection seeks the idea of the ambiguous like atonal music, breaking conventional harmonies. It is a solitary song, tapping into the inner voice; a visual journey through focal points that obstruct, through fragments of a moment—random but intimate—pulling energy from the enigmatic to explore the labyrinth inside.

On View
April 25-27, 2014
Photo Independent Art Fair
Raleigh Studios, Hollywood

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