LA Street Jewels

Mary Donald

Los Angeles



I’m not a photographer, but a jeweler, painter, and multi-media artist using photography for a special project I’ve been focused on for some time now.
The photo installation I’m presenting is called:  LA street jewels.
My original data is collected from the streets and sidewalks of Los Angeles where I capture macro shots of the road scars, cracks, potholes, paint and oil spills, scrapes, drips and other blemishes that happen to these human pathways around the city.  These images are adjusted for color and then sliced and diced until new images are created or “found” in the process.
I’m intrigued by how organized the random information becomes and the decorative qualities that emerge as the symmetries play out.  Additionally, the juxtaposition of the gritty origins and the ornamental character of the final image gives way to just the right tension setting for my work.
I refer to the individual images as “plates”.  These plates are then grouped together creating the finished pieces.  Finished pieces may be comprised of numerous copies of an individual plate or a collection of different plates both of which can then be arranged along a grid and presented on the wall or walls.  Other materials are sometimes incorporated into the installations.