Andy Summers

Honorary Guest: Andy Summers

Photo Independent proudly announces artist, Andy Summers as the honorary guest for it’s inaugural debut this April 2014. His collective photographic works will be showcased along with exhibiting photographers from around the world.

In 1958, a young Andy Summers was gifted a broken guitar with a missing string – igniting a spark that would grow into a newfound obsession with music. Nearly two decades later, Summers would become leading guitarist for one of the most iconic and globally recognized rock bands in the world, The Police. Skyrocketing to success in the late 70’s and 80’s, Summers found himself at the center of constant media and public attention. As the subject of focus for worldwide photographers, Summers decided to utilize his creative artistry to turn the cameras back on the world. He began to witness the witnessing through the lens of his own camera and so ignited a new fascination with photography.

Under the pedagogy of Ralph Gibson, a long time friend and mentor, Summers’ black and white images are culled from his life as a traveling musician.  His photographs, a direct reflection of his everyday world, capture the tumultuous life of a rock star through the genius of eyes of a highly creative mind. The images of hotels, stadiums, fans, tour buses, and even, himself, are an impulsive reaction to his environment, capturing the raw moments of life on the road through playful and surreal images.  Summers began to improvise with his camera as he did with his guitar.

“My life is full of impulse and movement,” remarked Summers.  “My guitar and camera are fixed instruments, the only constants in a world of change.”

Summers’ photographs are highly influenced by his absorption and deep relationship with music. His images are a visual counterpart to the music that never leaves his head. As a result, we find similar notes of his melancholy and often brooding minor key reflected throughout his music as well as his photography.

Active in photography since 1979, Summers is also a celebrated author. His first book, Throb, published in 1983, paved his journey into being a serious photographer. By the time his third book, Desirer Walks the Streets, published in 2010, he was confirmed and stamped as such. Summers is also a Doctor of the Arts and Chevalier des Arte et Lettres.