Los Angeles
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SEEN – A collection of leading fine art photographers based in Los Angeles.

Artists in the Collective:
Bootsy Holler
Cat Gwynn
Lisa McCord
Marjorie Salvaterra
Sandra Klein
Sarah Hadley
Susan Swihart
Tami Bahat

Bootsy Holler is an intuitive commercial and fine art photographer who has been shooting professionally and showing for more than 20 years. Her recent showing in March at Wallspace Gallery, Santa Barbara, spans a decade of work based on family and identity.

Cat Gwynn: A lifelong Angeleno, I’m an offshoot of this city’s sun-baked, smog-laden, tarnished glitter excess; the milieu infusing my sentient response to all bright and lurid things that catch my eye. In short – I am a hungry observer.

Lisa McCord is a fine art photographer, who allows the camera to take her to places both in the past and present to create photographs that explore her memories and tell her stories.

Marjorie Salvaterra’s black and white surreal images have been shown most recently at The Griffin Museum of Photography, Musee d’Elysee, The Nelson Atkins Museum and The Center For Fine Art Photography. Originally from Missouri, Marjorie now resides in Los Angeles, California.

Sandra Klein is a Los Angeles fine art photographer whose nuanced layered images reflect the perspective of her printmaking background. Her images of the beauty and struggles of life have been exhibited throughout the country.

Sarah Hadley creates images based on memories and dreams using her own photographs, paintings, drawings and cyanotypes. Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and art fairs in China, France, Argentina and throughout the US.

Susan Swihart creates evocative visual narratives inspired by her family and their everyday lives and adventures. Her work continues to explore both memories and her current landscape. Originally from Newton, Massachusetts, she has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Tami Bahat is a fine art photographer whose passion lies in molding the obvious into the extraordinary. She strives to push the boundaries of her own imagination as well as the viewer’s by creating bold works of art from striking perspectives.