Autumn Explosion

Autumn Explosion

Gail Garaughty

Sydney, AU

I think in pictures. So in 2009 when a friend asked if I was interested in tagging along to a photography course, I said yes.

About three lessons into the course, on an outing at a railway station, looking through the lens – with light reflecting on metal, the blur of movement – all of a sudden, a whole new way of seeing the world and everything in it, opened up to me. From that day forward a camera came with me everywhere.

My style is simple, the subject and a camera. Using natural light when I can, I photograph people, places and things around me – as they are, as they happen.

My work, Brindle Dog, has been part of a national Australian group exhibition titled, My Human Family, that has been traveled around the country between July 2012 through to April 2014 to raise awareness of rescue dogs.

My current work, Abstract Trees, will be showing at the world’s second largest photography festival, Head-On in Sydney, Australia (1-31 May, 2015) as well as Photo Independent.