Umbrella Lady - 2010

Umbrella Lady – 2010

Michael B. Wood
Stage 8, Wall 12

Agoura Hills, CA

Michael B Wood was born in Southeastern Connecticut in 1950 to an artist mother and production engineer father. He took up the hobby of photography at 16 and then studied it under Guenter Karkutt at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design during it’s heyday of the early 70’s. In the mid 70’s he became the Director of Photography for events featuring Prem Rawat. (Rawat is now lauded as Ambassador of Peace by parliaments and universities in Europe & South America). This led to Wood establishing his own production company in the late 80’s. During this period he worked extensively with John Chan, known for photo montage. Wood’s art photography has been primarily a personal project up to 2010, when he began publicly showing his work. The Spring Arts Tower in downtown Los Angeles and the City Arts Galleries of Thousand Oaks and Calabasas have all featured his work. He has also participated in many shows at the Los Angeles Art Association.